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  • As someone who loves to keep busy, you enjoy spending your time figuring out how things work – a hobby which likely drove your parents nuts (have they forgiven you for disassembling their 1972 Zenith TV yet?) Not only do you have a knack for fixing things, but your hand-eye coordination could put even the most skilled surgeon to shame. You are methodical by nature, and if slow and steady wins the race, then we’re fairly certain you have a whole stack of gold medals! Although You’re an independent introvert, You’re just as comfortable in a leadership role as you are in a supporting role. Underneath that stable, reserved exterior is a person that loves adventure … and it’s safe to say that you get your fix by riding around on a motorcycle that you built from scratch using junk yard parts.

      Famous Celebrities

    • Daniel Craig
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Christian Bale
    • Harrison Ford
    • Mohammad Ali
  • As a Technician, you do have areas of weaknesses which can hinder your way towards workplace success, but being aware of these weak areas and working on them can take you towards the world of accomplishments and achievements. For this reason, we’ve compiled career tips for your unique personality type. Your independence and desire to find your own way of doing things may make you a bit stubborn when it comes to following procedures. You’re quite confident in your ability to do things the right way (as you should be!) but it doesn’t hurt to try it someone else’s way every once in a while. While these unique traits are what make you who you are (and we’d never suggest changing your unique personality type!) you should be aware of these traits to ensure that they aren’t holding you back in your career.

  • As your name implies, you tend to be highly skilled in the technical and mechanical domains. You have an innate curiosity for knowledge and facts, and you love nothing more than finding out the mechanism of the way things work and how factual information can be used for solving problems. For this reason, Technicians are best suited for ideal jobs that revolve around their prominent trait of being practical, such as mechanics, forensic scientists, pilots, engineers, and so on. As a Technician, you thrive in an environment that gives you a bit of freedom and allows you to go about your business independently and utilize your own method for accomplishing tasks. For this reason, you’ll work best with a manager that is a bit “hands off” – one that will trust you to get your job done – and get it done well.

  • The introverted Technician is quite practical, analytical and rational by nature. When communicating with this personality type, use facts and practical information! Whether you’re trying to explain a concept to the Technician or if you need them to explain something to you, diagrams or flow charts can be a useful way to communicate information effectively. If you’re prone to hyperbole, you may want to make a bulleted list of points you need to make – otherwise, things are bound to get lost in translation.

    DoBe logical and precise in choice of words

    Don'tPut things in an abstract way

  • The Technician is a true introvert that prefers to spend their time keeping busy. Although they are truly practical and analytical individuals that have a strong sense of rational, they are more empathetic than tough-minded. Nonetheless, if you find yourself in a showdown with the Technician, you’ll want to avoid being over-emotional or acting in an unexpected way, as those tactics won’t sit well with them.

    DoUse logical arguments in order to appeal to their sense of rationality.

    Don'tHarass them or change things on them unexpectedly – rather, give them warning.