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  • As someone who thrives on long-term planning and practicality, we’re betting that you probably had a solid retirement plan in place by age 7. You’re a natural leader thanks to your intelligence, strong work ethic and high standards. As a logical individual who relies on facts as opposed to instinct and values clarity, you may strike others as aloof and reserved. Although we may never find you singing ‘Express Yourself’ on stage at a karaoke bar, it doesn’t mean You’re completely emotionless – you just don’t feel the need to put your feelings on display. To you, life is a game and you try to see how the different pieces move, just don’t ask us to play a game of Monopoly with you- we don’t like to lose.

      Famous Celebrities

    • Bill Gates
    • Kristen Stewart
    • Jay Z
    • James Cameron
    • Arianna Huffington
  • Like every personality type, your archetype has some weaknesses, but being aware of these weaknesses and learning to overcome them can help you further your career – and even your personal life! For this reason, we’ve compiled career tips for your unique personality type. While these unique traits are what make you who you are (and we’d never suggest changing your unique personality type!) you should be aware of these traits to ensure that they aren’t holding you back in your career. Ever-ambitious, you have a tendency to try to do too much at once, which means that at times, you may be chaotic in your task-completion while juggling many projects at once. As a perfectionist, you may become frustrated with mistakes, and may distress other people around you. You are apt to jump to conclusions very quickly and can be a bit stubborn, which can some cause others frustration.

  • As a Strategist, you work best in an environment where your can work to your full potential with little holding you back. You dislike office politics and workplace conflict – while you’re able to keep your cool, you see it as a distraction to productivity. With your rational and affinity for planning, your ideal jobs are those such as system engineer, IT architect or project manager.

  • The Strategist is a logical individual who prefers facts and clarity to emotions or instinct. The Strategist is quite focused on the “big picture” – however, the best way to approach them is to be friendly and engaging. When chatting with a Strategist, it’s a good idea to share bullet-point information and ideas with them as opposed to editorializing.

    DoBe flexible and willing to discuss multiple topics.

    Don'tGo into great detail or babble on – they’ll become impatient.

  • The Strategist approaches life like a game of chess and have high standards for themselves as well as everyone they work with. This is a logical individual who relies on facts as opposed to instinct and values clarity, and looks at everything from the bigger picture. When attempting to sway a Strategist, you’ll want to appeal to their work ethic –example: ‘if we try it this way we could improve productivity’.

    DoAppeal to their imagination – ask them to try to see things from a different perspective (i.e. yours).

    Don'tSlow them down or try to force them into working to your timetable.