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Straight Shooter

  • Kind of like Donald Trump minus the bad comb-over, you’re authoritative, goal-oriented, confident, strong-minded and let’s be frank, not particularly compassionate. You’re extremely methodical, logical and have a low tolerance for abstract thinking and emotional individuals. In fact, you may have been compared to a robot once or twice in your lifetime. However, underneath that stoic exterior lies a conscientious, dedicated soul that takes commitment (and PTA meetings) very seriously. Hey R2-D2 – there anything you can’t succeed in?!

      Famous Celebrities

    • Stephen Colbert
    • Clint Eastwood
    • Dr. Phil
    • Martha Stewart
    • Michelle Obama
    • Ann Coulter
    • Judge Judy
  • Like every personality type, your archetype has some weaknesses, but being aware of these weaknesses and learning to overcome them can help you further your career – and even your personal life! For this reason, we’ve compiled career tips for your unique personality type. While these unique traits are what make you who you are (and we’d never suggest changing your unique personality type!) you should be aware of these traits to ensure that they aren’t holding you back in your career. As a Straight Shooter, you have a crazy strong work ethic and will do whatever it takes to get the job done – however, there is potential for burnout which may ultimately affect your work performance negatively. You hold values, traditions and what you consider “the norm” so highly that you may have a tendency to be a bit rigid and criticize others who do not have the same beliefs. Additionally, you have a low tolerance for emotion or what you perceive to be “silly” behavior, which may cause others to perceive you to be a bit of a curmudgeon.

  • As your name implies, you’re a natural straight-shooter – you prefer direct solutions to problems rather than creative and potentially complex solutions. Because you put more faith in logic rather than notions or ideas, you’d likely want to avoid any ultra-creative work environments. In fact, you do your best work in a highly-organized and well-managed environment. You have a strong set of beliefs and will staunchly defend these beliefs. In the workplace, you work hard to build a reputation as a loyal, hard-working member of the team. Ideal jobs for your personality type include lawyer, criminal justice, military or police officer.

  • Strong-willed, decisive and authoritative, the Straight Shooter can be best described as stoic. This is a personality type that dislikes emotion and appreciates communication that is direct, logical and practical – and they have no interest in engaging in meaningless chit-chat that isn’t related to work or likely to produce results. When approaching this personality type, be prepared to be assertive and stand up for yourself if necessary.

    DoBe polite and respectful, not too informal.

    Don'tWaste their time with abstract or irrelevant subjects – instead, focus on direct, practical conversation.

  • The Straight Shooter is notorious for being strong-willed, decisive and authoritative. Ever-logical with a strong dislike for emotional behavior, approaching conflict with this personality type can be downright intimidating for some. If you find yourself butting heads with the Straight Shooter, you’ll want to take a step back and think through your argument before proceeding, as you’ll gain his/her respect by using logical, rational arguments.

    DoBe assertive and firm – don’t be afraid to stand up to them and hold your own!

    Don'tBe over-emotional – they won’t be sympathetic.