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  • Like a celebutant fueled by a vat of Red Bull, you’re a vivacious ball of energy that loves attention and treats life like a party. As a confident, natural-born leader, you’re a master at rallying your troops. People love you because your energy, optimism and enthusiasm are contagious – in fact, we’re pretty sure you could make getting a flu shot feel like fun if you tried. Although you love attention, you’re also quite generous and care greatly about the well-being of others. You’ve been known to have a short attention span and if something starts to get mundane, it’s on to the next thing… and knowing you, it’s likely a reality show casting call.

      Famous Celebrities

    • Lady Gaga
    • Elizabeth Taylor
    • Drew Barrymore
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Pam Anderson
  • Like every personality type, your archetype has some weaknesses, but being aware of these weaknesses and learning to overcome them can help you further your career – and even your personal life! For this reason, we’ve compiled career tips for your unique personality type. While these unique traits are what make you who you are (and we’d never suggest changing your unique personality type!) you should be aware of these traits to ensure that they aren’t holding you back in your career. As a Socialite, you tend to get bored easily. Your need for excitement (even when it’s not always appropriate) can have a tendency to affect your work performance. Because you’re so focused on connecting with others and being creative, you may tend to waste time at work, therefore you’ll want to be a bit more mindful of how you spend your time.

  • As a dynamic, energetic individual, you prefer to accomplish your work quickly and appreciate a bit of variety within your tasks. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid any position that focuses heavily on routine and long, drawn-out tasks. You love to live in present moment and focus on the here and now. Despite this trait, you’re also quite insightful when it comes to the emotions of others. As a Socialite, you’re well-suited for a number of ideal jobs, including consultant, counselor, event planner, social worker or public relations.

  • The Socialite’s preference for feeling good definitely carries over into their communication style. The Socialite is a positive, energetic soul loves to feel good, and all communications with them should play into that. This means being cautious when giving constructive criticism and don’t patronize them, as they tend to be emotional and may take it badly. Sure, life (and work) isn’t always a party, but If you stay friendly and informal, keep things lighthearted and avoid pressuring them into do things your way, you’ll be A-OK.

    DoBe friendly, informal, sociable – this is the type that would probably like it if you screamed ‘hi’ in their face!

    Don'tForce them into a routine. The Socialite is likely to be easily distracted, so keep things fun and interesting if you want them to stay engaged with you.

  • The Socialite is a positive, energetic soul loves to feel good – and when something stops being fun, they’re apt to run for the hills. This means that if conflict is handled wrong, they may simply become disengaged – or worse, cut off communication with you all together! Thankfully, this is preventable – when approaching conflict with this type you’ll want to keep it from getting too negative. If you stay friendly and informal and keep things lighthearted and avoid pressuring them into do things your way, you’ll be A-OK.

    DoAppeal to their sense of fun and energy – try to find common ground in leisure activities, music, movies etc.

    Don'tBe hyper-critical.