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  • Although you enjoy people, you work best on your own and tend to need alone time to recharge. An introvert, you have a rich inner world and tend to hold your cards close to your chest. As an individualist, you prefer to follow your own path in life. When something is important to you, you exude more passion than soap opera stars in a love triangle. Ever the peacekeeper, You’re concerned for the feelings of others and abhor confrontation, avoiding it at all costs. You rely heavily on your intuition and insight – and they’re so precise, you could put any storefront psychic to shame. Thankfully, we’ll never find you running a psychic hotline – your strong moral compass would never allow it.

      Famous Celebrities

    • Princess Diana
    • Ryan Gosling
    • Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
    • Michael Jackson
    • Al Pacino
    • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Like every personality type, your archetype has some weaknesses, but being aware of these weaknesses and learning to overcome them can help you further your career – and even your personal life! For this reason, we’ve compiled career tips for your unique personality type. While these unique traits are what make you who you are (and we’d never suggest changing your unique personality type!) you should be aware of these traits to ensure that they aren’t holding you back in your career. Although you’re a passionate individual, you hold your cards close to your chest and have a hard time letting others into your life. When someone challenges your beliefs, values or way of thinking, you can react to the extreme. This passion for your beliefs can also make you a bit inflexible and stubborn when it comes to accepting other’s ideas. You’re a bit of a perfectionist, which means that you tend to produce great results – but on the flip side, you can become extremely frustrated when you’re not able to achieve the desired result.

  • As a Protector, you enjoy people, but you’re also a true introvert and work best independently and tend to need alone time to recharge. As an individualist, you prefer to follow your own path both in life and in the workplace. For you, the most important thing is to ensure that you’re passionate about the work you’re doing – as once you’re passionate about something, the sky’s the limit. You’ll do well in a wide variety of careers, including ideal jobs such as HR administration, counselor or adviser.

  • When it comes to social interaction, the Protector is fairly independent and introverted. Although they’re very conscientious individuals, they can be a bit stubborn if they feel strongly enough about something. For this reason, it’s best to be polite and respectful when communicating with this type. Unless you’ve developed a close relationship with the Protector, you’ll want to stick to practical, work-related or non-controversial subjects of conversation.

    DoAvoid controversial topics or bad taste jokes

    Don'tBe afraid to be assertive and stand up for yourself if necessary

  • As their name implies, the Protector guards and protects the things they care about most, including values and ideas. For this reason, they can be a bit stubborn if they feel strongly enough about a disagreement. Thankfully, the Protector also has a keen sense of right and wrong, therefore if you find yourself butting heads with this personality type, appeal to their sense of justice and fair play by making it known that you are entitled to your opinion and that they should respect you.

    DoUse rational arguments.

    Don'tBack down – be assertive and firm and stand up to them.