Inside The ESFJ Personality Type

ESFJ Personality Type
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Here’s Who An ESFJ Is:

ESFJ is one of the Myers Briggs 16 personality types. It stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging. ESFJ personality types are socially adroit, and thrive in group settings. They are the stereotypical cheerleader or quarterback of the football team. ESFJs make up 12% of the population, and are generally very popular and uncontroversial. People with this personality type are typically not very interested in abstract concepts, and prefer gossip or office politics to novels.

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ESFJs value traditional rules and structures, upholding the values and morals of whatever society they belong to. They are likely to be altruistic, if not particularly imaginative or accepting of alternative versions of altruism. This personality type is common, and you’ve probably encountered your fair share of ESFJs throughout your life. 

Some famous ESFJ personality types include:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Bill Clinton
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Danny Glover
  • Tyra Banks

The ESFJ Personality In The Workplace

ESFJs emphasize order and hierarchy in their lives, and don’t mind working on projects that involve repetitive or monotonous tasks. They are generally reliable, and thrive in places with clearly laid out rules and structures. ESFJ personality types are often great in administrative roles because of their natural aversion to conflict, their love of order, and their practical skills.

Some Common ESFJ careers include:

  • Social work
  • Medical care
  • Personal accounting
  • Teaching
  • Non-profits

ESFJs are incredibly social, and don’t do well working from home or in jobs with very little interpersonal interactions. They are generally well-liked at work, and don’t step on too many toes. ESFJs are respectful of authority and enjoy working on teams. They are very sensitive to feedback, and it’s important to them to be well-liked and popular. While generally a good thing, this can make them overly sensitive to interpersonal reactions, and often results in inflexibility in the workplace. 

ESFJs can sometimes be too needy, insecure, and dependent on the positive feedback of their managers. They are also usually not particularly creative or innovative, and prefer to work within existing structures.

Find The Perfect Job For Your ESFJ Personality

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