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Founded: 1993

Employees: 11-50

Net Impact inspires a new generation to use their careers to make social and environmental change within and beyond business. Our global community of 60,000 student and professional leaders drive transformational change through more than 300 local chpters, convene each year at our flagship Net Impact Conference, and turn to for tools and resources to build careers that make a net impact. Net Impact is a 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in San Francisco, CA; with 300+ autonomous, volunteer-led chapters around the world. Find us online at

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Net Impact

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Common Employee Personas at Net Impact


Intellectually curious and driven by strong morals, Idealists are passionate about doing the right thing. Like the world's most flattering mirror, they always see the best in others.

Highly curious and creative, Inventors approach problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. They enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.

Energetic, creative and individualistic, Mavericks live life by their own rules. Viewing life as a self-serve buffet, they want to experience everything and inspire others to do the same.

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