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Intergalactic Explorers - Primal

Extremely creative, forward-thinking, and social, the Intergalactic Explorers shoot for the stars and beyond to take the final frontier with gusto. Swapping happy hour for training seminars, the Intergalactic Explorers offer a varied and stimulating ork environment in which opportunities for growth and involvement are vast. In return, employees are expected to show initiative, work independently, and keep up – otherwise, they might just get sent back to Space Camp. To ensure that none of their blue-sky thinkers and space cadets gets out of hand, the Intergalactic Explorers impose a firmly structured employment hierarchy and clear sets of rules each employee is expected to comply with. This branch of the Intergalactic Explorers is very competitive, goal-oriented, and achievement-striving. However, their tendency to cut corners and act in a hasty manner might at times undermine their efforts.

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About the Company

Founded: 1908

Employees: 1001-5000

Since 1908, the Kellogg School of Management has made strong leaders stronger. Our professors are preeminent scholars and passionate educators. They direct research centers and — literally — write the books on the subjects they teach. You will cal them your mentors. Our alumni are senior leaders in business, government, education and other fields. You will call them your peers, your future business partners and your friends. A Kellogg MBA will prepare you to outsmart the competition, excel in the fast-paced global economy, solve problems creatively and build consensus across diverse groups

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Common Employee Personas at Kellogg School of Management


Intellectually curious and driven by strong morals, Idealists are passionate about doing the right thing. Like the world's most flattering mirror, they always see the best in others.

Highly curious and creative, Inventors approach problems as exciting intellectual puzzles. They enjoy working independently and perform best when given free range to explore issues.

Multi-talented, driven and purposeful, Visionaries love a challenge like climbing the corporate ladder - or Mt. Kilimanjaro. Assertive and individualistic, they settle for nothing less than the best.

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