What Having An Extraverted Personality Means

What Does Extraverted Mean? Extraverted is a means of describing one’s personality. It is a dichotomous description that divides people into one of two categories: introverted vs. extraverted. An “extraverted”…


Introspection: An Ontological Exercise

What Does Introspection Mean? Introspection is the examination of one’s own internal emotional and mental processes. It is synonymous with self-examination, and involves taking a look at one’s own actions,…

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The Right Career Personality Quiz For You

Why Should I Take A Career Personality Quiz? Discover your professional strengths and weaknesses and how compatible you are with coworkers, employers, and teams, by taking a career personality quiz….

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Job Search: Check Out These Tips, Tools, and Answers!

Five Job Search Tips A job search is a challenging and exhausting experience. However, searching for a new job is remarkably common. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace,…

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Starbucks Careers: Do You Want One?

Starbucks Careers: Do You Want One? Starbucks careers are an exciting opportunity to gain more retail experience and learn from one of the world’s biggest coffee chains. As of 2016,…

Career Good&Co

UX Designer Salary: What You Need To Know

What Is A UX Designer Salary? The average UX designer salary is $100,000 dollars. UX designers are in high demand, with companies competing with one another to improve user satisfaction….


How The Right Career App Can Increase Your Job Satisfaction

There’s A Career App For That The goal of a career app is to streamline the job search process and help users find their ideal careers. Most people in the…

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This Is What An Apple Employee Discount Is

What Is An Apple Employee Discount? Employees get a 25% discount on an iPod, iPad, or computer each year. After 90 days at Apple, employees can choose to get either…


The Top 7 Interview Questions

Preparing For Interview Questions Interview questions can be difficult to prepare for. While no one is psychic enough to know exactly what a recruiter will ask, there are some general…

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How To Implement A Performance Improvement Plan

What Is A Performance Improvement Plan? A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a document given to a struggling employee, detailing information on what they need to do succeed in the future….