performance review plan PPI
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How To Implement A Performance Improvement Plan

Most managers can agree: dealing with a struggling employee is never easy. Whether they’re disengaged, unhappy, or simply lack the right skills, it can be difficult to transform a struggling…

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How The Weekend Was Won: The Eight-Hour Workday

If you’ve ever found yourself groaning about having an eight-hour workday, you’re pretty darn lucky. In fact, if you paid attention in U.S. History class, you may recall the fact…

fun office games icebreakers
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11 Fun Office Games To Help Boost Company Culture

Office games are a fun, lighthearted way to encourage workplace friendships, boost employee engagement and improve workplace culture. In fact, research into the benefits of friendships at work that found…

startup leadership
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7 Signs of Highly Effective Leadership

Leadership skills are elusive. Many people act as leaders, but in reality do not lead effectively. Scores of leaders are inefficient at leading and inadvertently cause toxic workplace cultures, stifling innovation and…

how to calculate employee turnover rate and employee roi
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How To Calculate Employee Turnover Rate And ROI

While employee turnover rate is a term that most managers and business owners are familiar with, many smaller operations don’t actually utilize this calculation. However, employee turnover rate can actually…

growth mindset culture
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How To Develop A Growth Mindset Culture

A growth mindset refers to the belief that one’s most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and perseverance. Malcolm Gladwell’s (in)famous 10,000 hours rule, for instance, employs a growth…

embracing failure
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How Embracing Failure Can Transform Your Culture

  In recent years, many of the world’s smartest companies have begun embracing failure. Think they’re crazy? They’re not. In fact, embracing failure is probably one of the best things…

company perks culture
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Do Company Perks Help Improve Company Culture?

Over the last decade, company perks have not only become more common – they’ve also become more extreme. Nowadays, company perks can include anything from more traditional perks like PTO…

creating an onboarding process
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How To Create An Onboarding Process To Boost Employee Engagement

Creating an onboarding process is more important than many founders realize. In fact, a solid onboarding process can have a dramatic impact on the success of both a new hire…

pre-employment testing
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Pre-Employment Testing: Creating Happier, More Productive Workplaces

When hiring, it can be difficult to discern candidates who possess the talent, abilities, skills, and traits needed to succeed at your company. The candidates may look great on paper,…