What Companies Don’t Want You to Know (As Told by Reddit)

What Companies Don’t Want You to Know (As Told by Reddit)

Secrets are all fine and good. Sometimes hidden truths are necessary to keep friendships, maintain national security, and even protect the greater good. However, there are some secrets that only hurt us all, like this one:

“At Subway my manager never once bought real mayonnaise. The Light Mayo and the Real Mayo are both Light Mayo. Investigate those fuckers.” – u/plantfuker

As appalling and upsetting as this revelation has been, there are plenty of other big industry secrets that we, the consumers, were never supposed to know about. Thanks to this Reddit thread, we have compiled a list of the biggest industry secrets. #4 will blow your mind! (Will it though? WILL IT, BUZZFEED?)

Reddit Reveals: What Companies Don’t Want You to Know :

“Midway games at carnivals or fairs purposely let people win early on in the day. This way people carry around the prizes and advertise them for the rest of the day.” – u/77Remix

“Grocery store bakeries do not bake the cakes they decorate. That stuff comes in frozen. I can’t bake you a carrot cake. On top of that most of the baking in the grocery store bakeries is just pulling frozen pastries or muffins or whatever out of a box and panning it up, then putting it in the proofer/ oven. We don’t really make things anymore.” -u/derpsha

“Former Dunkin’ employee here. We don’t check the survey codes at the bottom of your receipt. Any random 5 digits in the space, you’ve got a free donut with purchase.” -u/Cantstaysilent

“Customer service also have mute buttons, and they use it to laugh at you and/or call you names while you’re busy complaining.” –u/Acicin

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“99.9% of the guys/girls that you see in ads selling workout supplement don’t actually take that crap and are high dosing anabolic steroids.” –u/The_Mursenary

“A lot of people probably know that when a tv show goes into syndication that some scenes will be cut from episodes to make them slightly shorter, to fit in more commercials. What people don’t know that the show can be slightly sped up as well, to squeeze in just a little more advertising.” –u/borkencode

“I attended a songwriting workshop at Berklee school of music, and Anna Wise (Grammy winning songwriter, Kendrick Lamar collaborator) told the audience during a presentation that whenever someone “magically” blows up on soundcloud or YouTube, that it’s not authentic. A label will sign the artist in secret, and then suddenly boost their viewership tremendously to make it look like the independent artist did it on their own.” -u/ben_levy2

“Unpaid interns do everything that used to be considered ‘entry level’.” -u/Acinin

And this beautiful response from Reddit user u/silverbax:

“I’ll chime in with some ‘not entry level’ experience buzzword translations, so that all the people reading this who are entry level or interns can get a heads up:

  • ‘Fast paced environment’ = every day is a complete clusterfuck and management are either assholes or idiots, and probably both
  • ‘Startup culture’ = We don’t even have furniture for everyone
  • ‘Flexible work schedule’ = You will work 7 days a week, every week. We’ll also forget that when you request time off.
  • ‘Generous benefits package’ = The same or slightly shittier package as everyone else.
  • ‘Feels like a family’ working here = you’d better not already have one of those, because we have a dysfunctional one all ready to go for you.”


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