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Top 8 Hobbies to Boost Your Employability

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  1. Candace Cosey says:

    This was a very helpful article! I’m happy I came across it. Thank you!

  2. Syed Ali says:

    sir, is working out in gym, playing shuttle, listening to songs, surfing the internet these type of hobbies can we add this in our resume and what is the proper format for writing the hobbies, can we define our hobbies in one word or do i need to mention in a proper sentence to look more professional. I need your valuable suggestion so that i can make resume professional.

  3. McHenryGames says:

    you know what also helps? being married and having kids. HR geniuses don’t like singles even if it means they can devote more time to the company.

    1. wordwar says:

      Except that your marital and family status are illegal questions in a job interview in America. Of course, with social media and images posted all over the internet it is very hard to conceal such status.

    1. Hey there, shriram! How are you doing today? 🙂

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