The Top 10 Recruitment Videos Of 2016

The Top 10 Recruitment Videos Of 2016

1. Dropbox

Sesame Street-like puppets. Enough said.


2. Pinterest

Pinterest’s recruitment video does a phenomenal job of balancing fun and work. Pinterest highlights aspects of their culture such as a mom’s group, LGBTQ Club, running club (“Sprintrest), and wine club, while also discussing how these micro-communities affect team culture at work.

3. Shopify

Shopify’s career page highlights their annual Hack Days. During these 48 hours, employees stop their usual work, and instead focus on a “fun” project that will benefit Shopify. Like the terms “disrupt,” “synergy,” and “iterate,” Hack is sure to bring all the hoodie-wearing millennials to the yard.

4. ZenDesk

This quirky, visually appealing recruitment video highlights the day-to-day existence of working at Zendesk. From the office view, to employees’ favorite place to get coffee (Blue Bottle), to the CEO’s apparent penchant for hard hats, the video is all about the little things that make ZenDesk ZenDesk.

5. Groupon

Yes, they made their own jingle. Yes, it’s terrible. But Groupon did a great job with creating a wealth of video content around their culture, on topics ranging from diversity to engineering culture, to office tours.

6. Yahoo!

There are lots of recruitment videos that talk about how they’re making a difference at X company, but Yahoo’s video stands out for the employee who describes her co-workers as people who “want to grab the bull by the balls”. Hey, if you’re going to call yourself daring you may as well put your money where your mouth is.


7. Google

Two Google employees, Nat and Lo (Natalie Hammel and Lorraine Yurshansky) started documenting side projects at Google that were created as part of the company’s 20% time policy ( which allows Google employees to work on independent projects 20% of the time). Though not technically a recruitment video, the channel is filled with interesting content about working at Google, which is really the best way to get someone interested in applying.

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8. McDonalds Japan

Mickey D’s actually made a mini anime called “Join The Crew”. In the video, the protagonist, Sumire, begins her career at McDonald’s, watched over by a comforting and capable mentor.

9. Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) Advertising

“Don’t let boring become normal.” This video is part rap, part poetry, and 100% advertising.

10. Fiverr

If all else fails, there’s the self aware recruitment video. This is a great strategy if you want cynical yet brilliant egomaniacs.


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