Tech Industry Workplace Culture Quantified

Tech Industry Workplace Culture Quantified


There’s a common misconception in the tech world that just because a business is successful that it’s also creative. Take Facebook, for example. Facebook is internationally lauded for being the trailblazing pioneers of the social networking world, but in reality, Facebook is one of the least creative tech companies that a person could work for. This report (put together by yours truly!) presents collated data from 4,364 Good&Co app users to explore various ways in which psychometric data can inform our understanding of workplace behavior company culture, and success in the tech industry.

Some of our key findings include:

  • Think Microsoft is lagging behind other tech giants? Think again; Microsoft employees are significantly more innovative than many assume, and on par with tech giants such as Apple and Facebook.
  • It’s survival of the fittest in the tech world, so make sure you’re easily inspired and extremely committed if you want to make a career in tech!
  • Avoid working for Facebook if you want to work at a tech company that values creativity
  • Employees at Apple and Twitter perceive their company cultures as they actually are, meaning they have an accurate idea of the culture fit in their respective jobs.

All data provided in this study is owned by Good&Co., Labs Inc. If you have any questions about any of the content featured in this report, please contact pr@good.co so we can forward your inquiries to our incredible/amazing/intelligent/fantastic psychometric team in London.

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