The REAL Secret To Workplace Happiness May Surprise You!

The REAL Secret To Workplace Happiness May Surprise You!
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  1. Lisa Rykert says:

    While I loved your article and resonate with it completely, I would have loved a more diverse and realistic photo of how people dress and interact with people at work.
    I would have loved to have seen a photo that depicted diverse ages, ethnicities, races and sizes, casual business attire outfits, and realistic poses of how people interact with one another at work. It seems to me that in this photo, one of the guys has his hand on one woman’s behind. The poor choice in photo, which is probably not the result of the author of the article, really detracted from the quality and message of the article for me. While I am a fan of Good.Co, I actually find the photo for this article disturbing and inappropriate for the purpose in which its use was intended. I wanted to share the article, but I won’t because of the photo.

  2. Nick Rock says:

    Great article, so true – love it!

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