The Most Inspiring Office Decorations Ever

The Most Inspiring Office Decorations Ever

If you feel your brain turning to mush as you wilt under fluorescent lights and your creativity fading into the distance as you stare at beige walls, you’re not alone. Studies actually show that comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit offices increase productivity as much as 16%, and job satisfaction as much as 24%. Office decorations aren’t just for the Silicon Valley companies with a dedicated “Internal Culture Guru” or “Culture Whip”— they’re for any company that values inspiration, productivity, disruption, and employee happiness. Good&Co is, of course, one such company, so here are the most inspiring office decorations in existence.

1. The Udders Mug

cow mug

Promoting a lactose tolerant workplace environment, this mug has been scientifically proven to increase product synergy.

2. The Cowhide Rug

cow rug

95% of studies have shown that cowhide rugs increase employee happiness, as well as disruption, by 107%. The aesthetically pleasing spots inspire asymmetrical thinking, while the tactile experience of the cowhide rug elicits udderly creative ideas.

3. The Cow Print Desk Chair

cow chair

With its supple padding and engaging pattern, the cow print desk chair reduces carpal tunnel and increases employee productivity. Allow your employees the freedom to be both comfortable and expressive by having each employee choose their own unique pattern.

4. Cow Slippers

cow slippers

Nothing says “workplace happiness” like a nice pair of office cow slippers. Allow your employees to moo-ve with ease in these comfy and stylish loungewear items.

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Elaina is a writer/editor and the proud owner of Good&Co's office pug, Yuki.

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