5 Ways to Build an Impressive Resume and Improve Employability

5 Ways to Build an Impressive Resume and Improve Employability

The resume / CV is the first point of contact with a potential employer for most of the jobseekers. This first opportunity to sell your experience and skills and get you noticed and standing out from the crowd is very important because usually first impressions count the most.

With the economy struggling to find its way out of recession jobseekers face unprecedented times when their employability depends more than ever before on a well-written resume. But what to do in case that your CV is not as brilliant as it should be? How can you find the job of your dreams in this case? Well, the only thing you can do is to work on designing a plan to quickly build an impressive resume in a matter of a few months in order to improve employability.


1. Learn a foreign language

One of the means to improve your CV is to take lessons in mastering a foreign language. Nowadays, in the context of large international trade and the global society we are living in, speaking a second language can greatly helps you find the job you are looking for and also for further advancement in your career. Is never too late to learn new languages and in the context of the present global economy languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and Japanese are in high demand in the business and commercial environment.

2. Get certified

Another way to improve your resume and your employability level is to get more professional training and study for passing professional certifications. Especially in the IT field professional certifications are on demand and very appreciated. Some of the possible certifications in IT are in Cisco Networking, Oracle database administration, or Microsoft Engineer. Accounting, computer assisted design, or online advertising are just a few of the other fields where it is important to get training and certifications.

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However, not all professions require proficiency levels in computer skills. In all the positions where you will be in direct contact with people for one reason or the other, it is always a great thing to have a certificate in CPR – just in case. On the other hand, this kind of certification and licensing is mandatory in nursing and other medicine-related jobs, in order to be accepted in the profession.

3. Clubs and hobbies

Joining clubs and organisations can also improve your employability by showing soft skills such as teamwork capability, good communication skills, drive and leadership. Anything that is showing are willing to take on extra responsibilities and you have organisatoric skills can help your employability with prospective employers.

4. Volunteer work or internships

Volunteering work in a field close to the jobs you are applying is also very helpful for your career prospects. Volunteering work, even if is not paid, can help you gain experience related to your career. Internships are also a good way to enhance your work experience, enrich your CV, and raise your employability level.

5. Traveling

Even if it might sound odd, traveling can be helpful for your career. Employers might appreciate people with life experience, beside qualifications. By traveling, you show that you are the type of person willing to take risks and open to new experiences.


While you are looking to find the job you are dreaming of, you may use the web to create your online portfolio. There are many professions where a portfolio can be used to show off your skills and work experience, such as photographers, web designers, architects, writers, painters, and many more. You can add the web address onto your resume where your potential employer can check your portfolio online.

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