Infographic: What is Your Ideal Career Path?

Infographic: What is Your Ideal Career Path?

Fun fact: Only 27% of college graduates work in a job related to their major. With such a low number, it’s safe to assume most people don’t know what their ideal career looks like. It can take years of doing the wrong job before you find the right fit. Day-to-day work and a company’s culture all play a part in finding the perfect career. With that in mind, here is a sampling of job types that are a great fit for each specific archetype. The answers may surprise you! (No, not really. They actually make a lot of sense.)

Tips for using this infographic:

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  • Find your Good.Co archetype on the graphic. If you have more than one archetype, go with whichever is most dominant!
  • If you haven’t taken the Good.Co Personality Canvas yet, that’s OK! Simply go with the personality type which you feel best describes your nature.


Ideal Career Path: The Advocate

  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Arbitrator/Mediator
  • HR/Recruiter
  • Interpreter

The advocate is passionate about helping people and making sure everyone is given a fair share, so think the opposite of the GOP. They’re just as likely to be running an HR Office as leading a case for the ACLU. As an advocate, you are predisposed to stick with tradition and make sure justice prevails in the end (i.e. you are not Martin Shkreli). You will always fight for what you believe in and are probably your friends’ go-to when things get tough. Advocates’ ideal careers are ones that offer them the chance to work in a close knit group and be a positive force for good.

Ideal Career Path: The Dreamer

  • Musician/Artist
  • Writer
  • Designer
  • Chef
  • John Lennon

Nothing is out of reach for a dreamer (except those things that can’t be reached with a stepladder). You can find them doing things like writing about climbing the Himalayas or playing Carnegie Hall. Dreamers have a strong belief in themselves and a one track mind when it comes to getting what they want, what they really, really want. Dreamers’ ideal careers are ones that are always evolving and that offer plenty of space for creativity.

Ideal Career Path: The Caretaker

  • Personal Trainer
  • Life Coach
  • Librarian
  • Nurse

A caretaker is a great motivator who loves to help any way they can. Full of positive energy, they are likely to be seen cheering on clients as a trainer or taking care of people in a hospital as a nurse. Caretakers are full of compassion and always looking to support a friend. Ideal careers for this archetype often involve coaching or taking care of others.

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Ideal Career Path: The Straight Shooter

  • C-level Executive
  • Police Officer
  • Management
  • Military

The straight shooter is always ready to share their opinion, though it may or may not be welcome. Never backing down from a good debate, they are full of opinions and know how to communicate them. Their forward demeanor make them a great fit for leadership roles that call for getting results by any means necessary. A straight shooter will find their ideal career in fields that require authoritative leadership.

Ideal Career Path: The Socialite

  • Event Planner
  • Flight Attendant
  • Personal Trainer
  • Actor

A socialite is great at connecting the dots between people. They know how to get people talking and enjoy being the center of attention. You can find them circling at parties, walking down the red carpet at a movie premiere, or even chatting about the latest gossip in the gluten-free aisle in the grocery store. They are great at getting people mingling and playing matchmaker at parties. Socialites are best suited for jobs with performance elements or social aspects.

Ideal Career Path: The Go-Getter

  • PR/Marketing
  • Business Manager
  • Sales
  • CEO

A go-getter is the mogul persona. They are results driven and always striving to reach a new goal. Like Diddy in the early 90s, they’re always looking for inventive ways to reach what they are striving towards. Go-getters can be found running companies or winning awards for most sales in a quarter. They are best suited for jobs that constantly present new challenges with clearly defined goals.

Ideal Career Path: The Humanitarian

  • Teacher/Education
  • Health Services
  • Social Services
  • HR/Recruiter

The humanitarian puts the human in human-itarian. Get it? Ha-ha. They put others’ needs ahead of their own wants and always strive to help out those around them. Compassionate to the very end, they are great at supporting others and working one-on-one with clients. The ideal career for a humanitarian will put them in close contact with those in need.

Ideal Career Path: The Idealist

  • Anthropologist
  • Psychologist
  • Risk Manager
  • Philosopher

The idealist has an inflexible sense of ethics that make them suited for careers that deal with big issues. You can find them contemplating the nature of life, considering the risks of a new corporate merger, or holding up a “Never Trump” sign at a Bernie Sanders rally. While adverse to being leaders, they often end up being good ones. Compassionate, caring, and full of big ideas, the idealist’s ideal career involves thinking about big issues and finding the answers to the big things.

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Ideal Career Path: The Inventor

  • Systems Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scientist
  • Doctor

The inventor is the constant tinkerer. They are prone to taking things apart just to put them back together again, just for shits and gigs. An inventor loves to learn new things and master novel ways to do things. Inventors always pursue the most efficient way to solve a problem. Their ideal careers often involve developing unconventional advancements or new gadgets for the world to try.

Ideal Career Path: The Mastermind

  • Economist
  • Politician
  • Actuary
  • Lawyer

A mastermind can see three steps ahead of any scenario. They are (probably) wonderful at chess, or at least always buying the railroads in Monopoly, because they’re just that good. Masterminds also tend to be wonderful communicators and are great at making a case in their favor. You can find them bargaining treaties in the UN, forecasting the economies of growing nations, or sitting on the couch predicting the rest of the latest season of “House of Cards”. Their ideal careers will often involve detail oriented jobs that ask them to sell their ideas on the regular.

Ideal Career Path: The Maverick

  • News Broadcaster
  • Political Scientist
  • PR Specialist
  • Comedian

Mavericks walk to the beat of their own drum — whether that drum is on the correct beat or not. They thrive at jobs that require an unorthodox approach to solving problems. Often bored, mavericks can also get caught up switching between tasks on a whim. So like the Jodie Foster film Maverick, they need a lot of surprise twists to stay engaged. For a maverick, an ideal career involves jobs that always present a new challenge to take on.

Ideal Career Path: The Protector

  • Economist/Banker
  • Mathematician
  • Legal Clerk
  • Analyst

The protector takes care of their own. Like a honey badger guarding liquid gold, they are inclined to protect things while still keeping a distance. They work best on their own and often need alone time to recharge their batteries. As the protector, you should take on jobs that offer independence and the chance to keep order.

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Ideal Career Path: The Rock

  • Insurance Appraiser
  • Quality Control
  • Real Estate
  • Accountant

The rock is like Dwayne Johnson, a baller who is always down to help their friends. Rocks can keep their hands steady in the eye of the storm and be a stabilizing force in the lives of others. Rocks are like the anchors of a ship, the brakes in a car, the condom that never breaks. They are most comfortable in jobs that call on them to work like crazy and take on leadership roles.

Ideal Career Path: The Strategist

  • Program Director
  • Urban Planner
  • Journalist
  • Marketing

The strategist is the map maker of personas (Do people still make maps?). They do their best when they are tasked with planning things out and executing plans to the tee. Strategists are independent thinkers who love finding creative ways to solve problems. Their demeanor makes them ideal fits for jobs that put planning ahead of all else.

Ideal Career Path: The Technican

  • Software Developer
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Technician

The technician is great at repetition. The technician is great at repetition. They are more than comfortable doing the same thing over and over again until they’ve perfected their approach. Professional in every sense of the word, they love to put in the work and get things done. Technicians love to think about innovative solutions to classic problems and prefer to work alone. They are perfect for careers in software development and the science fields.

Ideal Career Path: The Visionary

  • Judge/Magistrate
  • Software Architect
  • Entrepreneur
  • Physicist

The visionary has a vision and plans to execute it. You see a tree, a visionary sees a house. You see a rock, a visionary sees a wall. You see a tampon, a visionary sees the perfect remedy to a bloody nose. They make great leaders and entrepreneurs because of their ability to come up with novel approaches to almost anything. As an added bonus, they know how to turn visions into realities– kind of like my dream board. Ideal careers for visionaries gives them the autonomy to create and empowers them to make the tough decisions.


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