An Important Announcement From The Good.Co Team

An Important Announcement From The Good.Co Team

The last eighteen months have been a long, crazy yet exhilarating ride for every member of our team. Since Good.Co’s inception in May of 2012, we’ve changed names, spent three intense months at TechStars Cloud in San Antonio, have worked hard to continually evolve our product, and have been blessed with more press and positive feedback than we could have ever hoped for.

Today, we’re pleased to announce two major milestones in our company’s growth: our public launch and seed investment.

Seed Investment Round

The Good.Co team is pleased to announce that we’ve raised a $1.3 Million seed investment round from Cloud Power Fund, The London Fund, Norwest Venture Partners, Playfair Capital and Talent Equity Ventures. This investment round will be used to drive Good.Co’s growth, build out our team and rapidly expand our features for building more effective teams and improving employee retention.

Public Launch

Since our initial beta launch in April 2013, Good.Co has grown to over 60,000 users, resulting in an 80% month-over-month growth. Our engaged community has generated over 200,000 FitScores with peers, managers and organizations.

Though our six months in private beta were quite successful, we’re not one to rest on our laurels. During this time, we’ve compiled dozens of suggestions, comments and ideas we’ve received and have used this feedback to continually improve and evolve our product.

We’re proud to announce that Good.Co now features a comprehensive suite of engaging features to identify culture-fit across people, teams and companies. Core feature enhancements include:

  • Improved Personal Survey: Good.Co’s proprietary 6-factor model is built to engage users and tackle critical problems of the modern workplace. The Good.Co canvas accurately decodes personality and culture traits within 3 minutes.
  • Peer FitScores: The new FitScore now provides deeper insights on factors like Shared Values, Workplace Harmony and Complimentary Potential that can help enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • Fit with current workplace: The new company and manager FitScores now more accurately measure a user’s fit with managers, their team and company, with suggestions and tools for building happier work environments.
  • Team Reports: The team report now identifies unique roles of each member based on personality and strengths.
  • Culture graph & privacy: A visualization of a user’s culture graph based on FitScores including granular privacy options.
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We’ve been thrilled with the early feedback and excitement from users, businesses and HR and recruiting professionals alike on the potential for a platform like ours. The feedback from and support of the Good.Co community has been invaluable to us and has made our job that much more rewarding. It’s clear that culture is increasingly important to job-seekers – especially millennials – and businesses are also taking note. We’re looking forward to growing and expanding the platform over the months to come and appreciate your ongoing support.


The Good.Co Team


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