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15 Companies Treating Every Day Like Employee Appreciation Day

employee appreciation day
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  1. Mabel Londete says:

    The perks were so amazing that makes me rethink of applying for a new job to the above listed companies. Unfortunately, I’m residing in the Philippines, so I am not sure if they want to hire outside US.

  2. Kristal Perreira says:

    The link to Expedia leads to Facebook instead.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out! We’ve adjusted the link.

  3. Terrance Miller says:

    Wow, great read. Thanks for sharing as a young guy and hopeful father soon. Time to start looking at some of these companies!

    1. Thanks for reading, Terrance! We hope you find your fit with your ideal employer soon.

  4. JonM says:

    Hi, perhaps i’m old fashioned but i’m not quite understanding how offering to freeze the eggs of the ( Apple and Facebook ) employees is a perk ?

    1. Hi Jon,

      Some employers view this as a way to provide flexibility to employees that want to wait on starting a family, but would like the option to be available down the line.
      Covering the expenses related to the process is just another way for an employer to show that they are behind their employees and want to support their life decisions. 🙂

  5. I AM unemployment and Looking for work.

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