17 Insanely Creative Resume Ideas That Will Put Your Template To Shame

17 Insanely Creative Resume Ideas That Will Put Your Template To Shame

There’s no question about it – the competition for every job that hits the market is stiff. Job seekers are beginning to realize that employers are now looking for applicants to go above and beyond. With this in mind, many job seekers – especially those in creative fields such as graphic design – are breaking all the rules and creating entire masterpieces to showcase their talent and ambition.

We’ve created a list of 17 of my favorite unique and creative resume ideas ranging from simple (infographic resume) to over-the-top (we’re looking at you, coffee and donut resume guy!)

1. Infographic Resume created by Bathilda Hsu

infographic resume bathilda hsu


2. Storybook Resume created by Paula Del Mas

story book resume paula del mas


3. Foldable Poster Resume created by Carole Pavoine

foldable poster resume

4. Creativity Kit created by Chew Iijuan

creativity kit creative resume ideas

5. Origami Resume created by Clementine Rocheron 

origami resume creative resume ideas

6. Action Figure Resume created by Evan Light

action figure cool resume ideas

7. Invitation to Hire created by Giuliana Castelliti 

invitation resume giuliana castelliti unique resume ideas

8. Scantron Exam Answer Sheet Resume created by Dylan Mackay

unique resume idea

9. Branded Food Art Resume created by Fannie Lam

crazy resume ideas

10. Infographic Envelope Resume created by Alexander Mikheev

infographic resume idea

11. Pullout Resume Booklet created by Rebecca Liggins

awesome resume ideas

12. Burnt Wood Resume created by Erofeevdm

unconventional resume idea

13. Trifold Brochure Resume created by Russelle Justine

unique resume template idea

14. Pocket Size Resume Cards created by Pooja Bhapkar

awesome resume template idea

15. Milk Carton/Lunch Bag Resume created by Miguel Rato

milk carton resume template

16. Album Promotion created by Sean Ball

really cool creative resume idea

17. Resume in a Briefcase created by Ana Prieto

resume in a box cool idea

Which one of these creative resume ideas is your favorite? Tell us in the comments, or share links to any cool resume template ideas you’ve seen lately!

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