Animal Personality Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Animal Personality Quiz: What’s Your Spirit Animal?

There’s a little bit of “animal” inside all of us. What’s YOUR spirit animal? Take this fun personality quiz to find out!

Everyone has a spirit animal that embodies their most prominent personality traits. Discovering your spirit animal, however, can take some effort. Animal Personality quizzes open this door so you can see deeper inside yourself and determine what type of animal represents you. Just answer a few questions, and you will gain crazy accurate insight that can change the way you see yourself and your life!

The Types of Questions Asked In Animal Personality Quizzes

Animal Personality quizzes usually ask a variety of questions.

Each question presented in a What Is My Spirit Animal test is designed to reveal something personal about you. If you love exploring the outdoors during winter, then you might have a lot in common with snow foxes or bears. If you prefer munching on salads instead of devouring huge steaks, then you may identify more with rabbits than dogs.

Answer each question as honestly as you can. If you feel uncertain about an answer, go with your gut and choose the first option that seems right to you. After all, that’s what most animals would do.

What You Can Learn From Taking a Spirit Animal Test

When you take a Spirit Animal test, you reveal a lot of personal information about yourself. Each piece of information helps the test decide what animal matches your personality and preferences best. Once you discover which animal represents you, you can use the test’s results to learn even more about yourself.

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Knowing your spirit animal gives you a window into your personality and life. You may suddenly understand why you enjoy staying out late and hanging out with friends often. If your spirit animal is a bat, then those things will come naturally to you!

You may also gain insight that helps you make important decisions about your life. The next time you don’t know what to do in your career or personal life, just ask what your spirit animal would do. Knowing how a pure version of yourself would behave can give you permission to make tough choices.

Getting the Most From Animal Personality Quizzes

You can get the most from your What Is My Spirit Animal test by finding one that asks you diverse questions (like this one!). A test that knows more about you can do a better job choosing your spirit animal than a test that only asks a handful of questions.

Once you know what your spirit animal is, try to use the knowledge in all areas of your life. Remember, though, that you have to get along in the human world. A bear would probably maul your mean boss. It should go without saying that humans can’t get away with that kind of behavior. You can, however, channel the bear’s energy into an appropriate response. Instead of taking physical force, use the bear’s personality to help you stand up for yourself in a peaceful way.

No matter what kind of animal represents your personality, you can use its nature to learn more about yourself and how to get what you want out of life. Let this knowledge inform your actions so you can satisfy the deepest part of yourself.

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