A Year In The Love Life Of Gilmore Girls

A Year In The Love Life Of Gilmore Girls

Lorelai and Rory are known for many things: their coffee addiction, lightning-speed banter, and encyclopedic knowledge of TV, among others. But, while both of them have numerous relationships throughout the series’ now 8 seasons (wait, does anybody remember Paul?), predicting who either of them will end up with has thus far proven to be completely futile (no spoilers, but wow, the ending to season 8!).

That is, until now. Our Good&Co science team decided to research and create personality profiles for all the GG characters. Call us crazy scientists, insane fans, or brilliant matchmakers: we analyzed the compatibility of the Gilmore Girls and their suitors to see which man each Gilmore Girl is most likely to end up with.

Lorelai’s Ideal Romantic Partner

Lorelai: an exciting blend of a dreamer, idealist, and humanitarian, seems to be best matched with the go-getter, maverick, and visionary Chris, obtaining a fit score of 83%.

Her fit score with the advocate, protector, and rock Luke, however, isn’t far off – only 2 points below that obtained with Chris.

There are of course many other variables that are likely to determine the success of these two potential matches, but at least when it comes to the personality fit, both have a near-equal chance of success— no wonder they’ve both been in and out of her love life for over 7 years!

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What about younger of the Gilmore duo?

Rory’s Ideal Romantic Partner

Rory, an idealist, humanitarian, and inventor, obtained the highest fit score with Dean (73%), who’s a blend of protector, rock and technician. The second highest fit score went to Rory and Logan (72%), a go-getter, visionary, and maverick. Rory and Jess, a technician, rock and advocate, seem to be the least well-matched, with a slightly unimpressive score of 67%.




Interestingly, just like in Lorelai’s case, the choice for Rory slies between reliable, pragmatic Dean and driven, adventurous Logan. Relationships resulting from these two potential matches are likely to be completely different, and yet they seem to be an equally good fit for clever and compassionate Rory.

But before those of you in ‘Team Jess” get completely discouraged, let us remind you that a couple’s success in real life depends on many other factors, such as their awareness of their own character and how it matches or clashes with that of their partner’s. Rory and Jess are extremely self-aware, meaning that they might be able to make up for their relatively low fit score. Besides, their different personalities might actually complement each other – after all, the age-old saying that ‘opposites attract’ doesn’t come from nowhere.

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