Life After Graduation: A Step-by-Step Guide For The Class of 2014

Life After Graduation: A Step-by-Step Guide For The Class of 2014

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems like only yesterday we were doling out advice to the class of 2013!

If you’re getting ready to cross the stage, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed about the uncertainty of what lies ahead in life after graduation. Thankfully, you still have several weeks (and perhaps even an entire summer!) to get a grasp on things. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our top advice for the Class of 2014.

Before you graduate…

After you cross the stage…

Gaining more experience…

Starting your job search…

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What The Office Can Teach You About Your Workplace


Starting your first job…


Feeling stressed? Confused?

That’s OK – in fact, it’s perfectly normal! Research has shown that millennials are the most stressed generation in America. After graduating, many people go through what many call a quarter life crisis. Check out these tips on how to overcome the quarter life crisis and get back on track.


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