11 Awesome Must-Watch Videos for Career Inspiration

11 Awesome Must-Watch Videos for Career Inspiration

Let’s face it: we can all use a little workplace pick-me-up from time to time. Even if you’re already having a great day, you can still benefit from five or ten minutes of some added career motivation! When it comes down to it, there’s always opportunity for growth either personally or professionally – but only if we’re open and receptive to it. These videos, interviews, and scenes are here to do just that! Some will make you laugh, others might make you cry, but they’re all pushing you to be smarter, faster, kinder, greater (I was two seconds away from singing a Kanye West song, wasn’t I?) We all have the ability to grow and succeed within us- it’s just a matter of taking that extra step, believing you can do it, and, well, carpe-ing your diem. Here are the eleven powerful videos for Career Inspiration to make you think and encourage you to stop being so damn complacent.


1. How Bad Do You Want It?

Take away: Know your limits and then push yourself further. You’ve got to want it more than you can put it into words and as badly as you need to breathe. (Click to tweet this!)

2. Kid Gives Speech After Learning to Ride Bike

Take away: Sometimes you need to celebrate the small accomplishments like they’re big ones. A little over-enthusiasm every once in a while can go a long way towards building momentum. (Oh, and kids rock!) (Click to tweet this!)

3. If You’ve Never Failed

Takeaway: You cannot start at the top and the most incredible individuals from history were confronted with failures. It’s how we deal with those failures, and whether or not we choose to learn from them, that defines our ability to thrive. (Click to tweet this!)

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4. The Man in the Red Bandanna

Take away: Even when you do not have strength for yourself, find your strength for the benefit of others as so many did on 9/11. There is no greater gift than the act of sheer selflessness. (Click to tweet this!)

5. Scent of a Woman – I Call Them Principles

Take away: Stand up for what you believe in even when no one expects it or wants you to. Don’t let the rules define what you can or should do, when the rules themselves are wrong. (Click to tweet this!)

6. Rise and Shine

Take away: Getting to the next level starts with making a choice and continuing to make choices that propel you further, though they’re typically not the easy ones to make. Do not lose momentum. (Click to tweet this!)

7. Never Quit

Takeaway: Do not give up. Ever. Dedicate yourself through relentless commitment because commitment can and will overcome lack of skill, lack of talent or lack of means. (Click to tweet this!)

8. Pep Talk from Kid President

Takeaway: Stop wasting time being like everyone else. Instead, spend time being the best version of yourself and then help everyone else. (Click to tweet this!)

9. Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

Take away: Live with integrity, but don’t take life too seriously because, well,  it’s short. Laugh, dance and go outside your comfort zone. (Click to tweet this!)

10. Vision

Takeaway: In order to be great, you must be able to envision greatness. Think about the future, see yourself succeeding and then apply it to today. (Click to tweet this!)

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11. Ashton Kutcher – Teen Choice Awards

Takeaway: Stop listening to media hype and trending topics. Create your own path and your own opportunities, and in doing so, success will naturally follow. (Click to tweet this!)

Still wondering what you should do today? Be something bigger, be someone better if for no other reason than you can. And believe me, you can. Motivate your followers and share these motivational videos on Twitter!


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