10 Failproof Employee Engagement Ideas

10 Failproof Employee Engagement Ideas

No matter what type of business you’re running, if your employees aren’t engaged, your customers won’t be either. Employees who are happy and excited about the work they’re doing have infectious energy that makes people unable to resist doing business with you. These types of employees are also more productive, which can only help your business’s bottom line. If your employees are disengaged, use these employee engagement ideas to improve workplace happiness and turn them back into happy, engaged employees.

10 Failproof Employee Engagement Ideas:

1. Get involved with employee projects

Don’t leave your employees entirely to their own devices after assigning projects. Instead, take an interest in them and what they’re doing. Check in regularly, ask employees what they need from you and take an active role in making sure all of the project’s goals are met. Engaged bosses make employees more engaged too, so block out some time to work on projects with yours.

2. Talk face-to-face with employees

Don’t reserve all your conversations for email or instant message. Talking face-to-face with your employees helps increase their engagement because they feel that you care and are part of their daily activities.

3. Provide regular feedback

When you give your employees feedback on a regular basis, it helps them stay engaged. Make sure you provide both encouragement and tips for improvement. Don’t just give criticism or your employees will feel discouraged; but don’t just praise your employees either.

4. Make engagement your conscious purpose

Employee engagement doesn’t just happen. If you want engaged employees, make it part of your strategy to engage them. Have your employees fill out surveys to find out what factors make the most difference to their engagement levels, then focus on those key drivers when planning your engagement strategy.

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5. Give employees autonomy

Micromanagement can kill engagement. When employees feel like they have the freedom to do their work their way, they become more excited and engaged with their work. Find the right balance between being part of the project and giving employees the autonomy to complete their own work in order to maximize engagement.

6. Check your communication

Make sure you’re communicating clearly and regularly with all of your team members. If employees don’t understand what they’re supposed to do, they’ll be frustrated instead of engaged. Communicate both verbally and through email and take the time to make sure everybody is on the same page and has the information they need for success.

7. Keep your word

Don’t make promises to your employees that you can’t or won’t keep. If your employees feel like they can’t trust you, they start wondering what the point of doing their work is. Always keep your word to employees and they’ll become eager to please you.

8. Ask your employees to teach you something

Every employee brings something new to the table; otherwise you wouldn’t need to hire him or her. Make it your business to find out what skills your employees have that you do not, and ask them to teach you how to do things in their field of expertise. This will make them feel valued and important, and therefore engage them.


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9. Encourage instead of giving answers

If your employees come to you with a question or problem, don’t just give them the answer. Help them to find their own answers by listening closely and asking open-ended questions. Empowering your employees and encouraging their creativity helps engage them.

10. Use your creativity

Don’t run meetings the same old way. Get your points across in creative ways. Use poems, videos and other clever ways of expressing yourself during meetings and encourage your employees to do the same. Above all, have fun at meetings to make engagement levels rise through the roof.


Share your employee engagement ideas

These are just a few of many employee engagement ideas that are out there.  We’d like to hear from you – if you’re in a leadership position, how do you keep your employees engaged?


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