How to Satisfy Your Creative Thirst in Four Steps

How to Satisfy Your Creative Thirst in Four Steps

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If you’re a creative just entering the job market, you may be in for a bit of a shock. When you are fresh out school and working for a company, you’ll be told what to do by the people above you. They will set the limits from the beginning by giving you a project brief and a deadline. Unfortunately, you aren’t given that much room to play and if you do make a suggestion, don’t be surprised if it’s turned down by your boss or client. Assignments aren’t portfolio material because they weren’t really your creations, but the result of a group effort.

These situations happen often and you’ll have to bite the bullet because it’s part of your job. However, you might tend to feel discouraged because you’re not contributing as much as you’d like. However if you do feel a bit disappointed, it’s a good a sign because it means you want to have a voice!

The question is how and where can you have a voice? Here are 4 different ways to satisfy your creative thirst while boosting your career:


1. Collaborate
Reach out to professionals in your network and ask them what they are up to. Let them know you are interested in collaborating on projects that may be outside of your normal scope of work. You’ll find that there are people out there who can use your ideas!

2. Blog
Share your point of view with the world by commenting on certain topics related to your industry. Be short and sweet. Be engaging. Develop your philosophy and stand for something. People will follow you, but if you stand for nothing, nothing will happen.

3. Freelance
Ask other companies if they have projects going on where they could use an extra hand. They usually need help when brainstorming ideas for upcoming projects.  You could also identify opportunities or problems in the industry and pitch your solution to different companies.

 4. Personal projects
You might have an idea that you have always wanted to bring to life, but never had a chance while in school. Well… no more excuses. Lay out a plan and carry it out. It’s good to have personal projects in your portfolio because it gives you uniqueness and keeps your skills sharp.


We might not be in our dream position (yet) where we can be creative, manage projects and be challenged, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start paving our own way! Make time for improving your skills and sharing your voice with others because when opportunity knocks on your door, you’ll have to be prepared. Just remember: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” – Ziglar

Here’s some great motivational reading for you to get started taking charge of your creative career:

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